2020 Summer

Class Sign-Ups

make-ups friday through sunday!

if you missed your chance to sign up for classes, this is your last shot sign up now: Make-Up Registration

Elective Class Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

Anyone who has not registered by April 26th will have an elective class schedule created for them.

All (non-bridge) students will complete an Elective Class Selection Sheet when directed to do so according to the schedule below.


Please refer to the following list for when your group should register:

All enrollment periods are 8:00 am - 11:59 pm for that date.

Anyone not registered by April 26th will have a schedule selected for them.

2020 Course Offerings

Here is a listing of all classes taught during each time block. Visit the Elective Class Descriptions for more details about topics covered in each class. Please note that once a class is full on your sign up sheet, it will show as: "This class is full, please choose another" do not choose any of these classes.

* Students submitted applications for Career Workstudy and will select a section. They may be moved to the other section of this class based on career interests.
** All Juniors must select one section of College 301.
*** These are two period classes, ensure you sign up for all time periods for these classes.