Elective Class


Classes with ® are designated research classes. All UBMS Students must register for one of these classes. Any Non-Bridge Student may register for these classes.

All first year UBMS students must sign up for a foreign language class. These are Arabic, French, German, & Spanish.

* Students submitted applications for Career Workstudy and will select a section. They may be moved to the other section of this class based on career interests.

** All Juniors must select one section of College 301.

*** These are two period classes, ensure you sign up for all time periods for these classes (see class grid on the home page or your sign up page).

Elective Class Descriptions

3D Modeling & 3D Printing ® ***

This course will be an introduction to the world of 3D modeling and printing using Autodesk Maya and 3D printers. Maya is one of the top modeling programs in the world has been used to model everything from cutting edge medical prosthesis to Final Fantasy characters.

Acting 101

Students will take the stage and perform monologues and skits, along with learning acting techniques and the elements of production. This will be an active class and will allow for mistakes and growth with speaking, acting, and developing confidence.


Students will learn the basics of the Arabic language along with the value of language lessons, including dialogue, puzzles, songs, vocabulary games, writing exercises, simple grammer, and role plays.

Basic Robotics ®

Students will be introduced to and learn principles of robotics, engineering, & coding through LEGO Mindstorm Robotics with the goal of exposing the students to one of the fastest growing career pathways in the world. The course will include both formal instruction and hands-on lab activities.

Career Work Study

A course that junior UB Students applied for in Early 2020. Students who were successful in their appication will be placed in this course after elective class sign ups are complete. It will not appear as an option during elective class selection. There will be two sections of this course, and it will utilize one class block.

Celebrate Appalachian Culture

This class is everything from fried green tomatoes to local folklore and everything in between. This class will look at those things that help make our region unique and special. Folk art, traditions, stories from the hills, music, food/recipes, unique places to visit, people, and movies, to name a few. A visit to the Kentucky Folk Art Center will be a part of the class.

Climate Change & You ®

Students will explore the various effects of climate change. They will explore the cause, both natural and human. Students will work in teams to develop comprehensive plans for individual countries to reduce their carbon emissions, and would also think about impacts that individuals can have at the community level.

Coaching with Character

This course dives into the impact that a coach can have on the life of an athlete and helps prepare those who would like to pursue a career in coaching. Students will reflect on past leadership they have experienced and develop their own coaching philosophy and use the 3 dimentional coaching model.

College 301

All juniors are required to take this course. This course will get juniors ready for their senior year. They will tackle problems like applying to college, for financial aid and scholarships, and other problems they will face in their senior year.

Communicate Through Life

Students will learn why it is important to be an effective communicator and how to use effective communication in their lives. Activities will include improv exercises, and critiquing famous fictional speeches from movies.

Computer Programming ®

Computers have great tools to help people solve problems and behind these tools are computer codes. Computer codes can help solve hard math problems, create new entertainment, and even help doctors diagnose patients. This class will introduce what coding is by learning C++ and will use different labs to show students what coding can do. At the end of the semester, the students will be able to write their own codes to solve a specific problem they want to solve.

Conspiracy Theories

Students will analyze popular conspiracy theories and discuss how conspiracy theorists use persuasive techniques to convince others. Students will throughout the class work on creating their own conspiracy and applying what they’ve learned about persuasive techniques to try to “convince” the class.

Creating the Perfect Story

This summer, you have the opportunity to create worlds, people, and scenarios that have yet to exist. You can travel back in time or zip into the future. You can put a whole new story in a familiar setting or create a world that no one has ever seen before. There will be multiple mini-writing challenges to help you to ultimately build your own perfect story. You will know your characters so well, you know how much change is in their pocket, and you will know the world you create so well, you will know when the sun hits the water the best to make a sparkle and shine. There is no limit to what you will create this summer.

Cri-Cut 101

Students will learn elements of design, graphic design, and technology while learning how to use a cri-cut machine to apply removable vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, infusible vinyl, etc.

DC vs. Marvel: Settle the Debate

In this course, students would learn about different debate structures, work on writing, and practice public speaking skills - all while talking about Super Heroes!

Electric Power Systems for Spacecraft ®

The electric power system (EPS) is the heart of a spacecraft. Without it, there would be no way for a spacecraft to survive the harsh environment of space. Every EPS is designed for a specific mission. This course will cover the concept of electricity, the fundamentals of power, the different types of power systems, the components that make up a satellite’s EPS, and more!

Electricity ®

This course looks to define and describe what electricity is and how people control it in life. We will be talking about the concepts behind what electricity is as we apply the concepts to wiring basic circuits. This is a beginning course so there is no need to have any experience in electronics before joining. The goal is to learn something hands on and have fun discovering what electricity can do for you!

Engineering ®

Students would work in teams to use the engineering design process to build various projects, including scale model homes, paper airplanes (aerodynamics experiment), and devices to protect an egg from a drop.

FBI Profiling

Students will learn about crime, the criminal justice system, and criminals. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve crimes and choose people who were most likely to fall into different categories of criminals.


Students will learn the basics of the French language along with the value of language lessons, including dialogue, puzzles, songs, vocabulary games, writing exercises, simple grammer, and role plays.


This foreign language course will be a beginning course in which students learn beginning phrases, useful words, basic communicative grammar, and cultural topics in German.


Students will learn various knotting techniques within a few disciplines, including crochet, missanga, and macrame. Students will learn the cultural signifigance of each style as well as the skills needed to learn for various projects.


Course topics include: orienteering with a compass & map, proper gear, planning food and water, being prepared for all weather, first aid, and preparation for any issues one would encounter on a trail.

History of Serial Killers

A history of serial killers using case studies and classroom activities to explore motive, victimology, and typology. The class will consist of many group actvities that will teach students about serial killers, how they're caught and the psychology behind it all.

Integrated Social Media

How does your social media footprint define you? Learn how to use design principles, photography techniques and knowledge of social media algorithms to build an online following responsibly.


Students will learn how to write for various types of media: opinion, sports, news, features, etc. Students will also learn about credible sources and how to differentiate from that and the "fake news" in today's world and how bias impacts that.


This course will emphasize skills such as goal setting, communication, and organization, along with the other skills it takes to be a good leader both in your school and community. The structure of this class will consist of group activities, individual projects/goals, and the learning and practicing of leadership qualities/skills both as a group and as individuals.

Movies as Literature

This class will be an intense study of movies that exist because there was an author with a great imagination. The movies will be from classic and current books. The movie choices will span from old black and while films to more recent blockbusters. We will be using a critical eye to examine these movies, exploring why filmmakers chose to make the book into a film. We will read key scenes from the books and compare the film version to those. By the end of the summer, we will have viewed and analyzed some of the most iconic films of the past 70 or 80 years.

Orbital Mechanics ®

The path of a satellite around a planet is determined by the universal law of gravity. Forever falling around a planet but never crashing, a satellite in orbit opens up a whole new world of discovery. But how to you get into orbit? What orbit is the best? This course covers types of orbits, orbit transfers, satellite velocity changes, gravity, and more!


Students will learn about the inner workings of a camera, how to take fine art images, as well as printing. In addition to learning about images for social media.


This class would focus on the photo editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. The students will learn about the tools available in the industry program through basic photo editing exercises culminating in a more fun project later on to show the versatility of the program.

Psychological Profiling: Superheros ®

Is the Hulk depressed? Does Iron Man have narcissistic personality disorder? Learn about the field of clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, and how identify and treat mental illnesses in your favorite superheroes.

Researcher: A Crash Course ®

Students will learn the basics surrounding scientific research, how science is portrayed in the media, and how to conduct your own research. Students will design their own research and present it during this class.

Satellite Communications ®

How do we talk to satellites? The answer lies in the electromagnetic spectrum. This course covers data transmission, radio communications, satellite dish antennas, and more!

Screenplay Writing

Students will learn the elements of a screenplay through studying real, produced screenplays, while also writing their own. The class will include: writing exercises on characterization, dialogue, setting, etc; writing a screenplay for a short film; and acting out a few scenes from their writing to see how well it flows.

Sewing 101

Students will learn how to sew, cut and square materials, and sewing terminology while creating a small sewing project.


This foreign language course will be a beginning course in which students learn beginning phrases, useful words, basic communicative grammar, and cultural topics in Spanish.

Speech & Drama

Students will practice various presentation techniques, as well as basic etiquette and proper dress. With a focus on delivering oral presentations including various stage acting techniques, and will learn other technical aspects of theatre such as accents, makeup, direction. Students will feel more confident about themselves and about public speaking after taking this course.

Storytelling Games

Roleplaying games are a great way to practice creativity and problem solving. They also promote the use of mathematical quick recall to play the game itself. This class will take role playing games and allow students to practice their creative problem solving skills. Each student will have a chance to take a turn to lead the game, be a player, and record the story that each group builds. At the end of the course, each group of players and storytellers will share the stories that they have built together.

Survival Science ®

Students will utilize their environment and everyday objects to survive extreme situations and unlikely scenarios, everything from being stranded deep in the wilderness or in an urban zombie apocalypse. Finding application to numerous scientific concepts discussed in school and applying them in the real world.

T3 ® ***

This course is for student previously enrolled in T3 and new students interested in joining the team. This course will use Raspberry Pi computers, and sensors to solve real world problems with technology.

Tabletop Gaming

Explore the history of gaming through the decades with practical hands-on experiences. Learning to play a variety of games including board games, card games, and role-playing games.

Vex Robotics ® ***

Students will be introduced to and learn advanced principles of robotics, engineering, & coding through VEX Robotics with the goal of exposing the students to one of the fastest growing career pathways in the world. The course will include both formal instruction and hands-on lab activities with the opportunity to participate in year-long robotics competitions all over the state.

Vocal Performance

Students will develop their singing voice through pitch recognition, reproduction, and developing the voice as an instrument, practicing various vocal pieces. Students will find their sound as independent vocalists at the end of this course

Write a Children's Book

Students will read selections of children's literature for inspiration for their own children's book creation. The end goal of the class will be for students to write, design, and read their own pieces of written work. Students will work on a target audience, lesson/theme for their story, and design original characters, settings, conflict, etc. The class will also tie in important aspects of literature and how picture books can be used as a powerful message/tool for all ages.

Yoga & Mindfulness

In this class student will experience a quiet environment to relax one's body and mind while participating in beginner yoga stretches and techniques, along with daily tips and practices to ease everyday tensions. Journaling, stretching, healthy eating, and proper care for ones mind and soul will be included in the class.