We are past the initial class sign up period. Anyone directed here is missing a class schedule or at least one class. If you do not complete your class request by the deadline your counselor gives you, your classes will be selected for you. As courses fill they will automatically show as "This class is full, please choose another" when there are no seats remaining. Do not choose this as a class.

Please note, that you are not guaranteed the class you select. If there are too many students selecting a single class, we will readjust class sizes, and the person(s) selecting last will be the first to be bumped from a class, and must then choose another class.

All UB Math-Science Students must be enrolled in a research class. Any class qualifying as a research class will be marked with this symbol: ® Any student may sign up for a research class.

All First Year UB Math-Science Students must also select a foreign language class during their first summer with Upward Bound. Foreign language classes include: German, and Spanish.

Ensure that you choose a class in each of the links below:

For the 2020 virtual UB summer program, elective classes will be taught June 15-26. The 1:45 pm class will be at 9:00 am, the 3:00 pm class will be at 10:30 am, and the 4:15 pm class will be taught at 12:00 pm.

Below is the originallisting of all classes taught during each time block. Many of the classes are full, and if you do not see a class listed during a time block that means it is unavailable. Visit the Elective Class Descriptions for more details about topics covered in each class. Please note that once a class is full it will show as: "This class is full, please choose another" do not choose any of these classes. Please see the fine print at the bottom of the chart below for any classes that span more than one period or required an application to join. If you choose a class that spans multiple class periods in only one block, you will be put in that class for all time blocks.

* Students submitted applications for Career Workstudy and will select a section. They may be moved to the other section of this class based on career interests.

** All Juniors must select one section of College 301.

*** These are two period classes, ensure you sign up for all time periods for these classes.